Friday, March 25, 2011

The perfectly reasonable explanation

Gennnnerally  speaking, one has never taken a particular interest in the tenants of the sauna. But given that they’re identified as those already in the establishment, one could say that the die had been cast. As always, we learn more about what we really believe, when pressed to come up with the perfectly reasonable explanation, than when lying with peers. The PRE is distinguishable, as any child knows, from alibi, which is simply verifiable denial. When one's shedding buckets epidermally with untold others in a box nobody would countenance alone, there really isn't any doubt that one's there. The PRE calls, pace Marx, for embracing the alligator.

The choice of candour over rationalisation is a little pedestrian for unfurling the baroque PRE. There's even more ostracism in habituating an esteemed institution - Stanford, say - than in being found basting on planks. At least in the latter case, chairs of interest huddle close to the table, as our re-searches into wood's burnishing of the tanline are confided. There's none of the Ew-ww effect of Kant to defuse.

If anyone should feel, that we're poaching upon demagoguery's genius for government, we couldn't claim to have intended it. May we remind each other, we're on the cusp of fashioning a city of coffee from a widely execrated taste, in our migration from the steeping cabinet; 

if anything, we're turn-ing populism back upon itself. Let us address, then, the rôle of sand-ing, timber vintage, nailheads, and varnishes in the tanline's evolu-tion, and be civil in exchanging our experi-ence. The perfectly reasonable explanation depends upon our invest-ment in its lulling in-tonation.

With all of the inventiveness of childhood, then, at the very moment when its innocence seems so distant, we bridge that divide with the sociable reflex of morphing the subject. Of course the tanline prospers on the floor, but eventually someone will observe that one oughtn't to be naked for a tanline at all. By then, however, our lunatic argument will have elicited such fellow feeling for unutterable delight, that we'll have matched Supply Side's raid on the Treasury. Yet, far be it from us, to have proposed a basic course in government by cupidity, as the analogue of cupid's sovereign shaft. We have our own hide to save.

And Stanford? It's the safest place on the continent, to park a Porsche.

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