Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Le style et la matière a deux ans

I doubt that I'm alone in associating this instrument with this extraordinary publication. No one has ever used it better than Dennis Brain, the only soloist, it is said, whom Herbert von Karajan ever addressed by his Christian name. I thank this blog for its beautiful imagery of the most wonderful wine country on earth.

i  Dimitri Theocaris
ii Le style et la matière

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Concerto in E Flat, K. 495
  Romance (andante)
Dennis Brain, horn
Herbert von Karajan
Philharmonia Orchestra
EMI, 1953© 


  1. Some would think you terse for that comment, but I shall think you frank. I'm still grateful for the circumstances which allowed me to please myself with one of the most beautiful postings I have ever seen .. here.

  2. With a classically balanced reclining pose, our gentleman is showing his generous spirit. A la votre!

  3. He is "looking at you, Kid." He could just as readily be studying your serving of a pear poached in Cabernet Franc. He only looks generous. :)

    Best wishes on the milestone, and the new project.

  4. you are so right,her pitch is perfect. pgt