Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday commute xx: prefects' meeting

I don't know what we're going to do about him.

Yes, I know. House is quite up in arms about it -

The fanny thing, you know, and right at the top -

No, it isn’t so much that. It’s a phase .. junior bloggers ..

You think so? I’m afraid he really means it.

Well, whether he does or not, that will sort itself out. No, what I’m hearing, is that he just won’t dress. And heaven knows ..

Hmm. Yes. Still, they say, if cuffs ever were to come down again, he might relent.

ii Mathias Lauridsen


  1. I have become quite comfortable here.

  2. Probably the coffee :) Now the issue is to avoid ennui!

  3. Saturday Commute sees me ill with my thoughts too scrambled, but same enough to appreciate our young men in picture # 2

  4. Dear Laurent,
    Thank you for the all twists and turns you take me through, across the great divide of blogland.

  5. Straight out of the best Merchant/Ivory tradition, they are wonderfully directed by their photographer. Their dialogue wrote itself in terms of their measured concentration and maturity. Here, as you'd expect, the rash judgment is suppressed notwithstanding the anxiety, which migrates from one cause to another in their conference. I meant to satirise their distress, but pay them the compliment of not succumbing to it.

    The framing images make little or no sense until fused with the second. Now we appreciate that the guy in the canoe is arraigned, waiting for an outcome, and we know the guy on the swing is his alter ego, not merely a ditzy cliché.

    Thank you for a long day with RMBL. I hope we are not at fault for the state of your thoughts!

  6. Dear Kevin, I'm afraid your note whooshed right past me as I was responding to our northerly guest. I never fail to take your remarks to heart and I marvel at the acuity of their timing; you really do read people's stuff, and here of course it's all story. There is no gap in blogland with your readership. One is so grateful.