Friday, July 22, 2011

Are you really totally completely not darling ?


A 1950s kind of question,
perhaps, but it's not un-
wise to be prepared for it.

Before going out this even-
ing, see James Dean dealing
with this interrogation from
Julie Harris in East of Eden,
Natalie Wood in Rebel without
a Cause, Carole Baker in Giant;
or Brando, from Eva Marie Saint
in On the Waterfront; or Martin
La Salle from Marika Green in

Think of a good answer, and then
adopt its opposite. She will not
be satisfied unless she draws you
to that other view, herself; and 
we do disfavour frustration. Love
favours victories which allow
either party a sense of exertion, 
both a sense of what they might
want, and which are not very costly.

And besides, we remember Heisenberg:
observation changes things. So what,
if you really are unspeakably adorably 
darling for a few hours? Live with it.


  1. Hello Laurent:
    We do......we are!!

    And, we have a sneaky feeling that you may be too!!

  2. "Sneak away, Sneeeaak a-way," to the tune of "South Australia."


  3. Not a darling, but a dear. darlings abound.

  4. I had to go with the argot of the present, for meter's sake; but as Brando said in another Kazan film ("Viva Zapata"), a whipt dog is a wiser dog. In fact I detest being hoodwinked by a photograph, but I thought they both were so unreasonably extremefully goddy, that I had to say something to let them make a pleasantry of it. :)

  5. :) and I hope things are better at home.

    You're very sweet to take the time to visit. Aren't they delicious? I'd have killed to have made that picture - an hour or two, at least. :)