Saturday, July 23, 2011

Homage, Vittorio de Sica


The power of the tumblr
to concentrate the mind
by spontaneous projection
is an alluring defect, as
well as a reconstitution
of the sovereign weight of
the image. For Laurent the
stamp of de Sica's second
film is almost absolutely
peerless in its orchestra-
tion of coherency from tum-
bling shots of unalleviated
legitimacy, a moral judg-
ment unequivocally earned.

Here, a simple fashion shot
captures the youth's inher-
itance of the fedora, which
is all we want, to identify
that film without purloining
images meant for the screen.

Inheritance, again. When will
you ever learn, Laurent?

Vittorio de Sica
Ladri di biciclette
Produzioni de Sica, 1948

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