Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why isn't it enough, that she demands a bad thing for him?

People speak as if Michelle Bachman
held some legitimate claim to be
in our government, simply because

Are we alive to endure this pretense:
that schadenfreude is not, by definition,
popular? Is her Party so triumphant in
its eradication of all memory, that the
starkest, plainest frenzy to injure looks
like an enthusiasm by any other name?

Were you there, for Reaganism's invention
of the phrase, the general population? 
Were you there, when that won victories
at the polls? Were you there, when men
went blind, by the tens of thousands in
the streets, because this discerning 
government denied their counting,
poisoned cruelly to death by drugs
protected by a patent to draw blood?

Or is there some pretending 
to be safe from her next favour 
to her mob?

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Sea Battles on Dry Land
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  1. It's simply a Roman Holiday. And the general population will have their holidays.