Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Remembering liking it

When I could remember liking
doing it, but not what
I had done, I took myself on
walks in the woods around
Litchfield, and to the sea,
off Gloucester and Point Reyes.
Always the scents, always the
sounds, seemed as if they 
could remind me, and let me
in again; temperatures, 
abrasions were my lover.

Not this, you may suppose: but
some paper on what welcomed me
some flimsy paper on what you know, 
some remark, such as everyone 
makes but seems 
so scarce with me.

    Possibly he's saving this,
    a boy who's playing 
    the viola from the

    Possibly he's
    breathing what I'd done.

Connecticut Forest
  and Park Association
Connecticut Walk Book
  Eighth Edition
CFPA, 1970©

Map of Point Reyes
  National Seashore, Tomales
  Bay & Taylor State Parks
Erickson Maps, 1972©

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