Monday, July 18, 2011

Seems Mrs Palin was right again

Plain as day, there was Paul Revere again, warning the British about our small arms. Amazingly fair-minded chap, our Paul. By land, then, is it?

And how should any of us have doubted her illuminated comprehension? Would Rupert Murdoch just throw away money on some garden variety idiot, when he can seize a country the old fashioned way, by bribery, blackmail, and espionage? But take heart, all ye despairing cynics. The army of the good posture, the spiffy haircut is presently to be among us again; and should we not all be addressing the problem of quartering its troops?


  1. I see that you have captured the thing to perfection. pgt

  2. Dear PGT, Don't you think we have to confess that it's merely a matter of her perfection's capture of how she is seen; isn't it sort of a sorry thing, to be able to be perfect about anybody?

    Thank you ~