Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feeling like Geary Street, Union Square above

The new Fall sweater makes the season official, and 
is to a guy's insouciance a luscious supercharger. 
The jaguars you see, out in the middle of the road, 
invite you to be thrilled, in exchange for your pa-
tience. I don't think the feeling of being brilliant, 
in this way, is quite the offense that some do. 

Now, to think of it is enough for me, 
for the exact impression rushes back; 
and I'm jaywalking to Baccarat, be-
cause their glass is balanced, doux,
blithe instead of scrupulous. I want
the precious dangers of Fall. I want
their bright perfection. In Rimbaud
there will be two red holes in one's
right side.


       Anything but thanksgiving.


  1. blithe - what a word - mmmmmmm

  2. You see, I know Norwegian intimately. It is my instrument of precision. It has become partly utilitarian. English is my wonderful plaything. You give me new words that become new colours.

  3. Blithe's a cool word, although I don't think guys in America are supposed to use it. Hawthorne certainly put it on the map in "A Blithedale Romance," and what I like about it, is that the sound is just about what it is - onomatopoeia, I think, except blithe doesn't make a sound, unless possibly a slight hum. Because of the guttural consonants, the "i" comes from lower than usual in the chest, and is very evocatively tied off by the teeth. I'm happy that you consult the page for play, as I usually do, myself. :)

    I'm sorry this posting took a little bit of an ironic turn, because I prefer a merrier outing. But this is the weekend of a soldier's death who was close to me, and the responses of hazardous pedestrian behaviours, 'inspired' shopping, advanced delectations and disporting as in a jungle in broad daylight are genuine and familiar to most Americans. Even a President of the United States told us to go shopping, but he would. That said, every word is true about Baccarat. :)

  4. It is very interesting, thank you again and have a good weekend. Always a delight to read you page. I agree, it is an onomatopoeia.