Monday, October 10, 2011

Would you believe, simply on faith, there is a Canada?

Well, you take my point. It's one thing, to find this
large, pink expanse on the map, accounting for most of
our approaches to the North Pole. Something has to be
up there, if only as a place holder. But one doesn't
seriously entertain the proposition, that there are
people up there, you know, who wouldn't long ago have 
made the sensible decision to inhabit our great re-
publican project for the benefit of mankind, rather 
than loitering in some caricature of Minnesota. How 
would they have got there in the first place, do you 
suppose, if not by passing through Ellis Island? Was 
it nice, not to melt into our pot, or, while they were 
at it, to leave their goddy sweaters as security, for 
living disconcertingly above us? 

On Canadian Thanksgiving, 
I am glad they are there.


  1. The top picture brings back to mind a mom-knit cardigan I used to wear as a kid. Now synonymous with snow-laden fur trees, frosty winters, red and puffed cheeks, the prospect of Christmas, and reckless skiing with same-age peers.

    - Ah ! les beaux jours de bonheur indicible

  2. yes, they are there; some of them even speak French in bed!

  3. Franck, I'd say you handle the inexpressible as well as any cardigan I've known - if that's any consolation! :) Thanks for visiting ~

  4. When you let them get a word in, you mean, Tassos .. :)

    And in what language might they listen, may I ask? Purely out of natural curiosity, of course.

  5. Joseph, Who Speaks French and Lives in Québec (Canada)October 11, 2011 at 12:41 PM

    I was drawn in by the metaphysical implications of the original question, though was quickly thwarted by the post's rather embarrassing lack of cosmopolitanism... But surely such clumsy nationalistic navel-gazing is meant facetiously?
    Incidentally, I dare say "gaudy" is meant in the place of "goddy"...

  6. Oh, no, Joseph; I have to own up right away. On Feb 22 and Jul 22 of this year (alone), the term "goddy" has been chosen for the sense of the posting, and I fear that is the cause of its appearance here. If it makes no sense to you, I am touched by a little sadness, but we'll get past it together. Two conflicting observations boil down to your tasting a martini you find to be too wet, and one you find to be too dry, and both from the same glass. The double negative's a compliment to the style, for which I naturally apologise in any case. As for metaphysics, I thought "living disconcertingly above us" was pretty cool, but I'll work on it, I promise.

    Now, then, you must come back, because we really do have navels here.