Wednesday, October 12, 2011


       Matthew Shepard
       12 October 1998

Ivan Terestchenko


  1. Now and only now do I realize what I wanted to say about Africa.
    It is noble.
    The way you singled out this one image made me see it.
    Once again,
    Thank you

  2. I'm very sorry to have had to be away from home at length today, and responding to these two missives after its close in France. Nothing in our minds here is expired, of course, including my gratitude for your presence.

    I'm happy to have lent a new setting for your appraisal of this photograph, Ivan. If it assists in striking you with the force of this unambiguous virtue then perhaps you are closer, too, to witnessing the gifts and character it elicited from you. It is a sublime statement, and I had no hesitation in selecting it for this entry. The picture takes one's breath away, incontrovertibly and clarifyingly, which is what it must do.

    Gratefulness to you both. L