Sunday, May 1, 2016

Discovering caprice

                    I didn't agree to this rela-
                    tionship, to be bathed un-
                    der duress and have my toe-
                    nails trifled with. Our deal 
                    was, lots of birds to chase, 
                    fresh water, and a mattress 
                    to call my own, as in, yours. 

    And she was, I think, the more 
    convinced of her destiny by the
    very strangeness of the form it
    assumed. She knew that love is
    capricious, an irresponsible,
    sovereign power, liking nothing
    better than to play tricks on
    the reason and assert its domin-
    ion over judgment and understand-
    ing. She had imagined quite other-
    wise the man of her choice; she
    had thought of him as created more
    from her own likeness, more light-
    hearted and high-spirited ..

Thomas Mann
Lotte in Weimar
  The Beloved Returns
H.T. Lowe-Porter
University of California Press, 1990©

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