Monday, May 2, 2016

We've always had bananas

 There's nothing like politics in
 America to carry one back to old
 Virginny in rhetorical flourish.
 Before the banana republic, lest
 we forget, we always had bananas.
 People out of season, everywhere
 you turn. People sure of reasons
 to give resentments a glad turn.

 We find it isn't possible to ex-
 pose skepticism toward a certain
 candidate without drawing anony-
 mous and frantic diatribes, of a
 kind it is appropriate to ignore.

 Given the continuing appearances
 of likelihood, that this candid-
 acy will persist, the avenue for
 anonymous comment below has been
 disabled. We welcome politics as
 we know it. We deserve that much.

 Meanwhile, we continue to hope a
 candidate is left standing whose

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