Friday, May 6, 2016

Suppose it were Friday cxii: Off for a weekend with one good book

from Porto Rafti published his
announcement, way back, of go-
ing off on holiday, by saying,
I will miss you, but not that
much. The thought, of course,
couldn't enter one's mind; it
just seems an enviably cheeky
concession to the undeniable.

For the brevity of a weekend,
variously committed as it is
to the impromptu, one doesn't
risk becoming embedded with 
an enthralling new project.

               But on the other hand, a mod-
               el of collected essays, upon
               a coherent and multi-faceted
               theme, makes a companion for
               travel by self-acclamation.
               If one hadn't a copy, travel
               would be saddled by not go-
               ing alone. Gaul had only 3
               parts, and we saw how many
               had to attend its conquest.

               Watteau had as many as the
               letters in the alphabet -
               plus a few more, where the
               letter embodied more riches.

               Poor Gaul. All that noise,
               for only more of the same.

Jed Perl

Gary Winogrand
New York, 1950
Exhibition Pier 24
San Francisco

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