Thursday, May 5, 2016

Yet another mislaid "only"

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman 
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said if 
it was her decision, she would scrap open 
primaries and only allow voters registered 
as Democrats to participate in primaries.

"I believe that the party's nominee should 
be chosen - this is Debbie Wasserman 
Schultz's opinion — that the party's nomin-
ee should be chosen by members of the par-
ty," the Florida Democrat said during an 
interview with "MSNBC Live" on Monday.

As reported in The Washington Examiner

Isn't it just gruesome, sometimes,
to expose people in trade of serv-
ing curiosity, for the disadvan-
tages they exhibit? Here, like so
many, a dutiful verbiage provider
lobs an "only" into a sentence, so
indifferent to its placement that
you'd think the word could modify
syntax by instinct. Maybe it does.

In the exclusive club the Floridi-
an services for friends and pat-
rons in the Party's hierarchy, "on-
ly" would rate naturally as a modi-
fier of such prolific utterance, as
to distribute itself promiscuously
throughout her proclamations. Such
trade, in our discretion, we usual-
ly offer ascent by a service stair.

Unitary, exclusionary, protective
to a fault, "only" calls upon the
rarest employment in democracies,
and at the most superfluous place.
Not at the starting line, not in
the stretch, not until the roses.
Isn't it intriguing, for example,
that we have the presence of mind
to condemn demands for barriers a-
gainst all of any belief, yet in-
terpose a blackball to our own?

Everything wrong with the patron
is magnified by the servant. All
of "only" is genuinely a tragic
utterance, on a servant's lips.
It is not in the nature of servi-
tude to succumb to servility. It
takes a whole lot of molestation
in the exercise of exclusivity.

I'd like to be amiable about this,
but that Party poses as a bulwark
against debauch this year. I don't
know that posing is remotely good
enough; but the question doesn't
arise. They haven't mastered it.

Serenely they do not notice, any-
more, an elementary rule, even of
grammar. In Indiana, Senator San-
ders claimed a margin of 40 points
among voters under 30, and of more
than 30 of those under the age of 
45. The "only" this Party wants to
represent inscribes the very signa-
ture of molestation, long indulged,
of indentured loyalists it exploits.

Isn't it gruesome, sometimes, to
expose people in trade, for the 
disadvantages they exhibit?

i   Xavier Serrano
ii  Tim Boot

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